Tartaglia Made New Foundation President; Former Leader Lauded

El Vaquero Staff Writer

The GCC Board of Trustees meeting on March 15 welcomed the new foundation President Tony Tartaglia, while giving a farewell to this predecessor James Brown.

The meeting began with a special presentation presented by the college’s Foundation in order to formally introduce the new president, Tartaglia to the board of trustees for the first time.
The board also honored Brown, and each of the members were given a chance to speak a few words.

“[All of the city’s changes] could’ve been disastrous, but I’m grateful, and the community is grateful for your leadership,” said Vice President Victor I. King.

The board also presented a few updates before adjourning.
The college is seeking to gradually increase associate of arts and associate of science degree requirements in math and English to meet those of transfer requirements.

Also, three new courses have been approved for the Glendale Community College curriculum. Accounting 170, Computer Applications and Business Office Technologies 285 and American Sign Language 201 were all approved as official college course offerings.