Campus Views Change as Construction Continues

El Vaquero Staff Writer

The face of Glendale College continues to change with the many building projects now completed and on the drawing boards. The expansion and renovation of the Science Center is just the beginning of campus construction.

There will be eight major construction projects from now until possibly the middle of 2006, but the main concern for the students of GCC seems to be on the new parking structure.

The addition of a new parking structure is scheduled to begin construction in the spring of 2005. “This project will be going on at the same time of the Track and Field project, but we’re expecting it to be done in about 12 months,” said Taylor. The delay was caused because of the need to do an environmental impact report on the structure and to consider ways of modifying the additional traffic, which is expected on Mountain Street.

In other news, the construction of a temporary building for facilities has begun and is expected to be done by March 29 of this year. A metal building is being constructed at the end of the North Science Parking lot to temporarily house the Facilities unit during the construction of the Allied Health/ Aviation Arts building.

The North Science Lot (Lot F) will become a lot for the facilities staff and for deliveries. It is expected that this building will become a storage facility for the college once the facilities relocates to its new home in the Allied Health/ Aviation Arts building.

The new three-story building which will replace the existing Aviation/ Facilities building will begin construction on Sept. 6, 2004, and it is estimated to be finished by July 30, 2005. The building will house the Aviation. and Arts on the ground floor, Facilities Department on the second floor and Allied Health on the third floor.

An expansion of the Los Robles Building has also begun. An (800-square-foot) expansion will be made to the south end of the building to provide office and storage space for the Culinary Arts program.

A utility upgrade project will impact parking lot A, which will provide a new high voltage electric feed to the campus for the Allied Health/ Aviation Arts building, the new parking structure and the new elevator to the upper parking lot and structure. As part of this project, the construction team will also be pulling the electrical service necessary for the light of the remodeled track and field.

Off campus construction includes a project, which will begin in the beginning of April and will replace the existing air conditioning in the Adult Community and Training Center building, located at 1122 E. Garfield Ave. Taylor says the deadline is questionable, as there is a lot of work to be done, in a short period of time. With its new face-lift, the campus will most likely be eye candy for all.

“I’ve always thought GCC has been a very beautiful campus and after the constructions, I’m sure the campus will look even better,” said sophomore Tina Arakelian.