Bands Give KGCC a Rockin’ Welcome

El Vaquero Staff Writer

Plaza Vaquero was full once again for another event on Nov. 19. The event, which included two rock bands, was sponsored by the campus radio station, KGCC.

About 200 students filled the plaza to watch live performances by two bands “Handle” and “Dre Allen Project.” The first band to perform included former En Vogue singer Dawn Robinson. The music was mellow and students seemed to enjoy the atmosphere.

“The music is absolutely awesome I like it,” said Anasheh Abramiyan, a GCC dance student. The second band, “Handle” was a more intense, which helped pump up the crowd.

Students present at the event were excited and felt the concert was a success. “It’s great entertainment and it makes college more fun,” said Ester Yesayan. Student who were aware of the campus radio show were even more impressed.

“I like the idea of the bands…[and] a school campus radio is a great idea,” said Ian Felchlin.

Overall the event was a success, according to the promoters and radio hosts Amy Beyleryan and Ana Ferrano. They had the tough job of finding bands willing to play on campus. “It’s awesome; it’s a great crowd with a lot of people,” said Beyleryan referring to the hundreds of GCC students who were at the show.

The show was put together on short notice, as promotions had only begun a week prior to the event, and yet the results were seemed well-planned.

Beyleryan and Ferrano were pleased with the performances and the crowds response to the event.

They hope to be able to have more shows of the same nature and with a turn out like the one they had. They are planning more concerts in the future.

Both wanted to thank the bands and GCC Police for making the event possible.