Oktoberfest Attracts Clubs, Dancing and Food to Plaza

El Vaquero Staff Writer

While beer is the refreshment of choice in the traditional German Oktoberfest, more than 200 students in Vaquero Plaza celebrated Wednesday with fresh baked goods and sausages hand made by the Culinary Arts club and other participants.

Several clubs used the event to recruit members and show off their talents.

“This event is great,” said Student and Culinary Arts Club member Jessica A. Mangon. “It contributes to the school and helps clubs become loud and clear.” Beside the baked goods from the culinary club, the Armenian Student Association (ASA) provided lahmajuhn and tan, an Armenian pizza and a mixed yogurt drink.

“We are here because we love our school,” said Nairi Chopurian, a member of the ASA. “Our club and school life is important to us.” Food was not the only thing the ASA served. A DJ played Armenian music and ASA members danced a traditional Armenian circle dance. After a few minutes members from the student government, students and members from various clubs joined the dance. It was a celebration in the tradition of the German festival, which originated in 1810.

But the ASA was not the only club dancing. A group of six women from the Dance Club staged a choreographed dance to a song by Beyonce. The response from the crowd proved that they were the favorite.

However the festival was more of a coming together than a competition. In addition to the foods and dances, there were a variety of services and prizes available for the students who attended.

The Grand Central Aviation club parked a single-engine plane it on the lawn to promote a trip to Catalina, and the Psychology Club provided free psychic readings. A suggestion among clubs was for the participants to ask the psychic if they would win the raffle and the to buy the tickets.

The student government set up a canopy where two sketch artists drew cartoon representations of students who were interested. “This years Oktoberfest is a lot better than last year,” said Henan Joof, president of the ASGCC. “It’s working really well… we have a plane in Plaza Vaquero!”

One student, Tnaji Childress, said, “I love it [the Oktoberfest]; it’s so social.” Her friend Braelinn Johnson said, “Events like this are nice because as a school and community we are coming together. Usually we’re segregated.”

“I didn’t expect a turnout like this,” said Arin Dersarkissian, the vice president of campus organizations and organizer of the event. “Almost all the clubs are participating.

It’s a wonderful atmosphere with an array of cultures and various clubs. The people are amazing.”