Two GCC Students Awarded Scholarships for Achievements

El Vaquero Staff Writer

GCC business students Roubina Mirsaians and Sona Aivazi were each awarded $500 scholarships by the local Pasadena chapter of the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) earlier this month.

According to Michelle Bender, the IAAP Pasadena Chapter president, Mirsaians and Aivazi were selected out of 10 applicants by the organization’s nomination committee.

Though only two students are normally given $500 scholarships by the IAAP Pasadena Chapter each year, one other student from East Los Angeles Community College was chosen to receive a $300 scholarship because of leftover money from its Scholarship Fund.

“Sona and Roubina were chosen because of their high grade point averages and great essays,” said Bender. “The essays are especially important and Sona and Roubina had the best.”

Bender said that the requirements for scholarship applicants included teacher recommendations, a review of their academic records and an essay on their background and goals. Achieving this high standard is not easy for students, especially those with many priorities.

Besides being full time students, Aivazi and Mirsaians are both full time wives and mothers as well. “Sometimes I have to get up early and go to bed really late, but I have to work hard to succeed,” Aivazi said.

Aivazi, who wants to pursue a career in administration, plans to receive her Associate of Science degree in business office technology next spring.

Mirsaians is also working towards an Associate of Science degree in business office technology and works full time at Metavante 401k Services as an administrative assistant. She even had to reduce her class load this semester because of her many responsibilities.

“I want to be educated to help my children and our society,” said Mirsaians. The dedication she has in school is something that was not overlooked. “Sona is an ideal student,” said Diane Young, Instructor of Business Office Technology. “She’s always looking for something beyond what’s required.”

Business Division Chair and Professor Linda Serra, who recommended both students, said that Mirsaians is an “incredibly hard worker” and “is always happy, confident and has a great sense of humor.”

Both recipients are delighted and thankful for the scholarship.

“I think GCC is a great college and is very supportive,” said Mirsaians.

IAAP provides resources for networking, professional development, and educational opportunities.

Bender said that the Pasadena chapter of IAAP is actively seeking new members and that business students are encouraged to join. IAAP Pasadena may be contacted at (626) 304-2307.