Students Work to Bring Back Classes

El Vaquero Staff Writer

Students are frantically trying to add classes and teachers are reluctantly turning away students after hundreds of classes were cut along with the budget.

Everyone knows there is a problem, but one group of students is actively trying to do something about it. The Save Our Classes Club was formed this fall with the goal of doing just what the title commands.

Last spring semester’s faculty have already been able to bring back an English 101 class.

Many are impressed with the dedication of the club’s members and their goals. “People are uniting to give without taking,” Save Our Classes Club President, Patrick O’Green, said. “They give to give without getting [anything in return].”

With the California budget cuts came the loss of thousands of classes around the state and nearly 500 at GCC. In response, a few students on campus have joined together to help raise funds to restore some of the classes that were lost this year.

The club’s single objective is to raise money for the Glendale College Foundation. The foundation will then use this money to bring back the classes they chose to restore. No fund-raising will be done for the actual club itself.

The cost to save the average three-unit, three-hour class is approximately $3,500. Selection of which classes to be brought back are not decided upon by any of the club’s members. To alleviate any bias, Vice President of Instructional Services, Steve White, plays a large role in the decision of which classes are chosen to be brought back with the money the club raises.

“That gets rid of all the politics,” said O’Green.
However, the classes saved will most likely not be brought back until next fall.

The club has claimed in their official club constitution that they plan to save at least one class each semester. Even so, each of the members are hopeful that there will be more saved than that.

The club is composed of students who wish to raise funds in order to save as many of this year’s lost classes as possible. Some of these members will not even be attending GCC by the time the classes get reinstated, showing the true dedication of their involvement.

One such student includes Save Our Classes Club secretary, Nikki Ajhashimoto. Though she will be transferring next fall, Ajhashimoto feels it is still important to put in the effort to save these classes
for all students.

“All of us are hurt by this, so we have to take it into our own hands instead of doing nothing and complaining,” expressed Ajhashimoto.

The club welcomes all other GCC clubs, as well as members of the community to participate in the quest to save as many classes as possible. Over half of returning clubs on campus have already announced they will be involved with Save Our Classes Club, one way or another.
“I’m proud to see all different kinds of people united together for a common cause,” O’Green said.

Save Our Classes Club fundraising activities thus far include car washes, swap meets and television tapings. Students who attend television tapings can earn the club anywhere from $10-$18 per attendee, depending on the taping selected. Students who attend the shows to raise money for the cause need not be a member of the club to participate. Any and all donations may be brought to these events.

“I think it’s great what they’re doing. It’s nice to see that there are still people out there who care enough to do something like this for the community,” comments student Valerie Reyes. “Getting our classes
back is really important,” she added.

The first car wash will be held at GCC, adjacent to the Auditorium, on Sept. 20. The first swap meet is set for Sept. 21, with every other one there after scheduled for the third Sunday of every month in the upper parking lot, space No. 351.

Television tapings are expected to be attended once a week. The club is also seeking an advisor for the television tapings; those interested should contact O’Green.

The cost to join the club is $10, which includes full membership and a Save Our Classes Club t-shirt. Save Our Classes Club communicates largely through e-mail; to contact them for further information, e-mail: [email protected]. You can also visit table number seven in the student center.

The club still has a few positions open in its cabinet for any students who are interested. All donations are welcome.