Armenian Students Association Voted Most Outstanding Club

El Vaquero Staff Writer

The Campus Organizations Committee of the Associated Students of GCC hosted a banquet at the J. W. Smith Student Center to present the Most Outstanding Club Award May 30 to the Armenian Students Associations.

At the end of each semester, a banquet is held to award a club who has exhibited oustanding performance throughout the year. At the end of each Spring semester there is also the passing of the gavel, from the old vice president of campus organizations to the new. This year the gavel passed from Andranik Manukyan to Arin Dersarkissian.

The four clubs nominated this semester were the ASA, the United Womyn’s Council (UYC), the Organization of Latinos for Higher Education (OLHE), and Delta Sigma Omicron (DSO).

“It’s an honor for the ASA to be nominated for the MOCA award,” said Levon Marashlian, faculty advisor for the club.

“This year the active members of the ASA did a lot of great work organizing various successful events.”

Manukyan surprised the president of the ASA with a cake as a gift from himself to the winning club.

The nominated clubs however, felt it was an honor just to be nominated.
“This is the second semester OHLE is an active club on campus and it’s an absolute honor to be nominated,” said Peggy Vadillo, president of OLHE.

“We appreciate to have our hard work noticed and our efforts to be part of the community is noticed and celebrated,” said Niki Davis of the UWC.

“It feels great because we want to make a difference on campus and to show everyone that disabled students have a voice,” said Jorge Acevedo, president of the DSO. “We support all activities on campus.”

Over 70 people attended the banquet hosted by Manukyan this semester making it the most successful banquet at GCC yet.