El Vaquero News Briefs



Stockbroker Andrew Lais spoke on financial markets and investments on April 5 to the Investors Club in a lecture titled “Technical Analysis.” Lais has been an employee at Western International Securities for seven years.


Phanatics, a student dance club on campus, performed for free April 5 in the Sierra Nevada Gym Dance Theater. Each of the pieces were choreographed and rehearsed by the students on their own time.


Nathan Wirtschaster, lawyer, and Kassem Asiad, political science instructor, discussed Muslim, Arabic and Jewish culture on April 7 in the Student Center. The workshop, sponsored by the Cultural Diversity Program, featured information on the key elements of the different cultures and the sources of political conflict in each.


Delta Sigma Omicron sponsored a baseball event April 8, featuring Bobby Castillo, member of the 1981 championship Dodger team who pitched in both the National League Championship and World Series. The event also featured pitching games with a twist: Students would pitch using a disadvantage. They were either blindfolded, on one leg or in a wheelchair.


The Asian Pacific Islander Movement presented a panel discussion Wednesday titled “The 442nd military Battalion” in CR137. The event included guest veterans from both the 100th and 442nd military battalions.


A lecture titled “The End of the Troubles or Troubles Without End: The Peace Process in Northern Ireland” was presented Thursday in Kreider Hall by guest speaker Dr. John Queen, associate professor of political science. His talk covered contemporary developments in Northern Ireland. According to Queen, this spring marked the fifth anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement among the political parties of Northern Ireland.