BBC Film Documents a ‘Horrific Story’

El Vaquero Staff Writer

A BBC documentary titled “The Betrayal” about the Armenian Genocide was shown in Kreider Hall on Tuesday; the outcome was a variety of reactions from a room full of students and faculty.

The film included interviews with genocide survivors as well as comments from Turkish government officials, who claimed the Armenian Genocide never happened.

“I thought that it was absurd how the Turkish government has the audacity to deny genocide,” said Narine Tadevosian, 19, English major.

Efren Gutierrez, 26, digital animation major said that he did not know about the genocide until he started attending GCC. “I learned a lot from the video. I did not know about the denial.”

Tsoler Aghamal, 19, Liberal Arts major said, “I thought the movie was emotiona. It had a different view of showing both sides. It was straight to the point.”

Dr. Armine Hakopian, president of board of trustees, said, “I think it was good for BBC to show both sides of the genocide.”

Levon Maralshian, professor of history, vividly remembered the end of the video.

“It talked about last year right before the presidential elections and how former President Bill Clinton asked Dennis Hastert to not introduce the genocide resolution,” said Maralshian.

“It’s such an important historical event that it’s embarrassing to live in a country where our perceived self-interest and military relationship with Turkey is more important than historical truth,” said Steve White, vice president of instructional services.

Dr. Peggy Renner, professor of history, said, “I think it was frightening to see American Foreign Policy treating the genocide as we have.”

Renner also said that learning about the genocide is very important because “All of us who where raised in non-Armenian cultures don’t know this story – the horrific story.”