Science Center Construction Moves Along; South Gym Nearly Complete

El Vaquero Staff Writer

The South Gym project is 99.9 percent complete as faculty have moved into their new offices and new equipment is now and up and running, according to Bill Taylor, vice president of business services.
The fire alarm system needs to be completed and tested. Also the doors to the store room need to be installed.

The Board of Trustees accepted most of the construction contracts as complete on Monday at a board meeting.

Funds from Proposition 47 are not going toward the current construction that is underway, however funds are being allocated from Measure G, passed in early March by Glendale voters.

The total cost of the project is 13 million and eight million has been spent so far.

The Allied Health Aviation Building preliminary plans are being finalized and will be approved in Sacramento, after passage of Proposition 47 on Nov. 5.

The allocation of construction and equipment funds probably will not start until early summer 2004, said Taylor.

The Cimmarusti Science Center project is in phase two of its construction schedule.

The concrete walls and the floors have been poured and the foundations for the new bridge have been completed. As of now, the structural roof for the dome is being put in.

“There is finished work that needs to be done,” said Taylor, “but structurally the building is pretty much all together.”

The old PB Building and North Building should be complete by Jan. 1, according to Taylor.

The construction of the chemistry building will begin in January and should be done by September.

During winter inter-session, classes will be relocated out of the chemistry building into the newly constructed PB Building. During spring and summer, classes from the chemistry building will be moved to the second floor of SG.

The second floor of PB and there will be one lab in the chemistry lab trailer on the east side of the auditorium.

The North Science trailer and the MT trailer will be removed because they were leased.

The four buildings will be renamed. The PB building will become the Camino Real Building (CR), the North Building will become the Santa Barbara Building (SB), the Chemistry/Math Building (CM) will become the Arroyo Seco Building (AS) and the Science Center South will become the Cimmarusti (CS).

According to Taylor, the Cimmarusti Science center is targeted to be complete by June and the CM Building before fall 2003 classes semester classes begin.