Patron’s Club Raise Scholarship Funds for Transer Students

El Vaquero Staff Writer

Last Friday afternoon the Patron’s of Glendale Community College had their yearly luncheon fundraiser at Castaway’s restaurant in Burbank. This marks the 55th anniversary for the organization that has worked to support students the financial needs of individuals who wish to transfer to four-year institutions.

This year was a great year for the organization, exceeding their fund raising goals for this year.

The Patron’s have a vast historical background, which dates back to 1947 when they awarded one scholarship, which has now grown to over 27. The money that is awarded annually by the scholarship office totals over $300,000.

Originally the luncheon had been in held in the GCC cafeteria but was moved to Burbank to accommodate the size of the event.

GCC Dean of Students Paul Schlossman said, “With the hard work and dedication of the Patron’s club, Glendale College has become one of the top scholarship awarding schools in the state.”

“We are all here to help the transition of schools for students that want to transfer a lot better,” club President Shirley Wright said.

Also in attendance was GCC President John Davitt who have great praise for the organization
“Do so many owe so much to so few,” Davitt said.

The club itself has about 100 members with 30-35 active members who help run its day-to-day activities.
This also marked the first time that the traditional fashion show was not held for the luncheon.

The GCC theater and music departments provided the entertainment for the group, which opened with the theater department opening with a scene from Westside Story, which received a standing ovation from the audience. The afternoon was capped off by a rendition of the song “New York” by the GCC vocal ensemble.