Scholars Wash Cars, Raise Funds

Talynn Soghomonians
El Vaquero Staff Writer

The Glendale Community College Scholars program held a car wash on Saturday next to the coffee hut in front of the auditorium to raise money for activities and scholarships for members throughout the semester.
The Scholars program charged $5 for each car and advertised with large banners outside the campus throughout the day.

The Scholars program attempts to raise money through the car wash almost every semester, but this year proved most successful, according to President Aida Rodriguez.

“The car wash turn out has been better than last time,” said Rodriguez. “The weather definitely has a lot to do with it. There’s a lot of younger students this semester but it’s more united, too. I haven’t been sitting around all day so that’s a good sign.”

“There is a lot of participation and we have a very enthusiastic crowd,” Scholars member Christina Shitinyan said,

In addition to the car wash, the Scholars organization has been involved in different types of fund-raisers.
“We already did a TV show taping and we usually try to do at least one every semester,” Vice President of Finance Nareh Abrahamian said. The next TV show taping is scheduled for Nov. 7.

Scholars is also planning a Battle of the Nerds where they will have a series of games in Plaza Vaquero scheduled for Nov. 5.

“The Battle of the Nerds is going to be Scholars challenging AGS and its kind of a real world meets road rules type thing,” said Scholars and AGS member Armen Vartanian.