Proposition 47 to Provide New Buildings for Glendale

Michelle Ghoukassian
El Vaquero Staff Writer

GCC would receive more than $9 million needed for new construction if California voters pass Proposition 47 Nov. 5.

The Kindergarten-University Public Education Bond of 2002 is a $13.05 billion bond, the proceeds from which would fix old schools and build nearly 46,000 classrooms.

In 1998, voters of the state approved the first of three proposed bond issues that would allow many programs to get off the ground.

The current bond measure would provide the funds needed by GCC to build a 39,000-square-foot building to house facilities, aviation and the allied health center. It is projected – provided the measure passes – to open in the fall of 2006.

The 2004 measure would provide $12.3 billion to schools statewide.

Even though most of the current students will not see the change, GCC Vice President Larry Serot said the importance of this issue will affect students for years to come. “In our current situation, our programs suffer because we do not have proper facilities that meet the demands of our students,” he said. “This building would at least double the size of all three departments.”

With the strict accountability issues that this bond carries and the fact it will not increase taxes many organizations have put their support behind it.

Yes for Prop.47 spokesman Scott MacDonald said, “When a wide variety of organizations such as the California Tax Payer’s Association, California Teachers Association, League of Women Voters and California Chamber of Commerce support this type of issue, voters should feel good if they vote ‘yes’ on the bond.”

The measure is supported locally by Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Burbank; UTLA; the GCC faculty guild; the GCC Board of Trustees; CSEA, and the GCC Associated Student Government.

If the measure passes by the necessary 55 percent, construction on campus will begin in the spring 2004.