Instructor Honored With Service Award

Talynn Soghomonians
El Vaquero Staff Writer

Dr. Pete Witt was honored with the Dr. William Parker Exceptional Service Award at a Glendale Community College reception on Oct. 1.

“I am very honored to receive this award,” said Witt.

The Academic Senate award goes to staff members who have shown exceptional involvement in academic, community, faculty, staff and administration services throughout their time at GCC.

Academic Senate President, Dr. Peggy Renner said, “There is a small group we [Academic Senate] choose and review each individual that goes way beyond what is expected to serve the students and the community and he [Witt] deeply works hard.”

During the reception, Witt had a chance to make a speech and share what he feels he has accomplished according to Renner. In 1993, the first service award was given to philosophy professor Parker, during his retirement after 32 years at GCC. Last year, the service award was given to GCC councelor Jose Mercade.

“The award is basically given to a faculty member who has been doing things for a number of organizations,” said Witt.

Witt, currently a professor for intermediate algebra and calculus classes, has been active in over 30 different committees on campus. His most recognizable work was done as president in the Faculty Guild for three years and vice president for another two years.

Witt has also been a member of the Budget Committee at GCC.

Witt’s name was first announced at the graduation ceremony in June, but he formally received his award during a monthly faculty meeting that also introduced five new teachers to the campus.

The Academic Senate’s goal is to choose a recipient whose contributions will hold a long lasting impact on GCC as an institution. “I was surprised [when my name was announced] because I thought my time had passed,” said Witt.

Witt earned his bachelor’s degree at UC Irvine, his master’s degree at CSU Long Beach and his doctor of education degree from the United States International University. Witt has been a professor at GCC since 1979. Remaining a Glendale resident for nearly 20 years, Witt has two sons, one attending Loyola High School and another at Glendale High School, where his wife is a history teacher.

“When I was not working on organizations at GCC, I was busy with organizations for the kids outside of the campus,” said Witt.

While Witt himself did not attend GCC and was raised in Downey, his mother did attend the campus during its second semester it was open. Witt has also spent time working on the GCC calendar, which resulted in the current semesters and intersessions.

Witt plans on continuing his work on the academic calendar and on the idea of block scheduling at GCC.