IOC Discusses Procedures for the Year

Michelle Ghoukasian
El Vaquero Staff Writer

An orientation meeting for the Inter-Organizational Council (IOC) took place to discuss parliamentary procedures Sept. 17.

The ASGCC Campus Organizations Committee will evaluate grant applications and bring all proposals and any suggestions to the ASGCC legislature meetings. They will also make the final selection of the grant recipients.

Each organization on campus may submit two applications per semester for review for up to $500 each. They may also receive up to two grants per semester.

All grant recipients must provide the ASGCC Legislature with receipts for the exact expenses and a final report of activities. Failing do to do so can result in forfeiture of the grant. Applications must be submitted no later than Oct.11 for the Fall 2002 semester.

“Priority consideration will be given to organizations that participate in IOC sponsored events,” says Robert Novshadyan, senator of campus organizations. “They must also be willing to contribute by fundraising and must not have more than three absences at the IOC meetings.”

The IOC cabinet is made up of Soseh Keshishyan, chairwoman of the meetings, Selin Nazarian, representative of campus organizations, and Robert Novshadyan, Diana Sogomonyan and Shalani Ramos, senators of campus organizations.

Presidents, advisers and representatives of clubs on campus who attend the IOC meetings and are active in IOC are given opportunities to promote their organization.
For example they can get a club space.

“A club space is a place to conduct the club’s business,” says Sogomonyan. “It is a place to meet and discuss [club business] outside of the regular meetings, and can be very helpful.”

There are 24 club spaces available and they are awarded on a first-come first-serve basis.

“Club spaces get people to work together,” says Alen Andriassian, student activities coordinator. “It helps students get a global understanding of what college is all about, and there are no distinct borders among people.” Andriassian urges students to use the spaces.

The Most Outstanding Club Award (MOCA) is given out every semester. The cabinet can nominate those who participate in campus activities and attend IOC meetings. Winners get their name on a plaque, which is placed in the student center.