Budget Lobbyists Make a Dent; Cuts Restored in Part

Michael Konigsberg
El Vaquero Staff Writer

Glendale Community College will have a slightly better, though thin layer of cushion to break its budgetary shortfall as a result of the state Assembly’s decision to partially restore several of Gov. Gray Davis’ proposed categorical cuts.

Yesterday, the full Assembly Budget Committee voted on the spending plan, to be followed by the Senate Budget Committee vote and a floor voted after Monday.
State Legislature approved the following changes to Gov. Gray Davis’ spending plan in funding sums for the year:

CalWORKs: receiving $29 million ($9 million above the May Revise tentative budget)

Faculty and Staff Development: $1 million ($1 million above the May Revise)

Matriculation Services: $57.4 million ($7.9 million above May Revise)

Cost-of-living adjustment: two percent for apportionments and selected categorical programs.

Nursing Program Expansion: $125,000

From this approximate total of $87.5 million for coming to colleges, approximately $22,491,247,500 billion of the originally promised community college budget still will not be seen when the Legislature passes the final budget in June.