Committee Applications Gathered for Measure G

Jenifer Bernardo
El Vaquero Editor-in-Chief

Tuesday?s deadline for the Oversight Committee applications garnered 110 entries, said Larry Serot, vice president of administrative services.

The committee will be made up of at least seven members. However, Serot said, the Board of Trustees may decide to increase the number at its April 15 meeting. The group will be a mix of the following: a representative of a business organization and active members of a senior

citizens? organization, a taxpayers? association, the Associated Students and a committee from any of the college?s organizations. The remaining two will be at-large members.

Employees of the district, vendors, contractors and consultants were not eligible to apply.

The preliminary screening process will involve selecting 30 applicants who will be chosen for the interview process. Once selected, the committee is expected to organize a meeting in July, the beginning of the fiscal year. It will be expected to meet quarterly, but Serot said he expects it to meet more often during the beginning phases.

The committee?s task is to review and report the proposals for expenses incurred from the bond measure.
?The taxpayers will be kept informed on what?s being done with their money,? Serot said. A newsletter may be published to accomplish this task, he added. The committee will also make sure that taxpayers do not pay more than the $23.75 per $100 of their property assessed value, as stipulated in the bond measure.

Parking will be one of the first projects to be undertaken, Serot said. The college will either build a structure or acquire nearby property to create more parking space. A parking task force committee will be formed made up of community members, students, faculty, city employees and members of traffic committees.