Bond Measure Receives Praise From Board of Trustees Members

Tania Chatila
El Vaquero Staff Writer

Salutes from board members went out to praise the work of students and faculty alike for their successful efforts in raising community support for Measure G at the Board of Trustees meeting Monday in Krieder Hall.
“I would really like to thank all the students for all the time and effort they put into Measure G,” said Dan Wengert, president of Associated Students, to an audience of about 40. “We are really one of the key reasons for its success.”

The bond measure, which will provide funds to finish current construction, renovate facilities and provide additional parking, passed by a slim margin March 5. The measure received 57.8 percent of votes.
Efforts to gain community support in Glendale for the bond required months of intensive campaigning by staff, faculty and students.

“[The student legislature] was primarily responsible for passing Measure G,” said Robert K. Holmes, vice president of the Board of Trustees. “They were primarily responsible for the funding too.”

Also discussed at the meeting was the addition and deletion of courses and certificates from the curriculum. The board has approved the addition of Journalism 110, Accounting 210 and 211, Physical Education 199 and Armenian 125, 126 and 127 as official course offerings.

Deletions from the course offerings include Photography 123 and certificates in Escrow Business Office Technology and Executive and General Secretary Options. According to administrators, these courses and certificates will instead be replaced by more modern programs.

Students currently enrolled in any of the certificate programs that are going to be deleted will have the choice of modernizing their certificate or finishing the program.

The board also approved the increase of the current Architectural Fee Schedule. The fee schedule determines the amount of pay that goes out to on-site architects for construction projects.

According to Larry Serot, vice president of administrative services, architectural costs have increased in the eight years that the current fee schedule has been in process; therefore, the fee schedule will be updated to reflect such changes. The new approved schedule will include about a 3 percent increase from the previous approved schedule.

Although board members Dr. Armine Hacopian and Mike Allen, associate professor of mathematics, disapproved of the increase in pay, the rest of the board felt the proposal was valid.

In regard to construction on campus, Glendale Community College will face yet another on-site renovation. The board approved the remodeling of the T-1 Building Machine Shop area. The renovation, which is estimated at about $150,000, will help unite the engineering and manufacturing departments and will also build two additional classrooms. Construction is expected to start this spring and be completed by fall.