What About Adding Adjunct Faculty Photos?

Michael Moreau, Staff Advisor

It is quite nice to see faces to the names of those who work here at the college.

However (and this may be a qualm I have given my part-time status here at the college–I admit my bias), the paper display implies that the adjunct instructors are not actually “faculty.”

As I’m sure we all realize, many of our departments would not be able to function as smoothly as they do without the “freeway flyers”.

I’m sure the intentions of El Vaquero were not to disparage members of our community, but this lack of recognition can be offensive. Granted, the paper may have lacked space to place all of the photos of all of the instructors (I’m not even sure I would have wanted my picture in the paper), but I notice a “Not Pictured” section on page 14. Surely a list of names could have been compiled to reflect the rest of the faculty.


Hollie Martin

Adjunct English Instructor


Hi Hollie:

I am sorry that you were left with that impression about the administration and faculty photos. There were no ill intentions on the part of El Vaquero.

Perhaps there should have been a disclaimer. The photos are a really a “special section” that is provided to the paper camera ready by a faculty member on behalf of the Faculty Senate. It has traditionally been printed in El Vaquero every year. In past years it has been labeled so as not to be construed to be a product of El Vaquero’s staff. This should have been the case this year.

The El Vaquero staff has discussed also publishing pictures of classified employees, but we don’t have the resources to do it on our own.

Apparently, resources are lacking on the full-time faculty end too, since most of the photos are so old that the faces are nearly unrecognizable.

We are certainly open to suggestions about better ways to handle this.

Michael Moreau

El Vaquero Adviser