Letter from the Editor

Jane Pojawa

Welcome to The Insider’s second issue!

The Insider, Glendale Community College’s student magazine, now has a thriving online presence.

For several years, Journalism 107, Magazine Writing, has been a class offering of the Language Arts Department. Spring 2008 was the first opportunity for these students to have their work published in a college-sponsored magazine.

The online magazine further expanded the potential for students to present their stories to the campus and to the larger world. Some articles that were not included in the print magazine found a home online. Reviews, opinions and independent projects expanded the online offerings. New media, especially slideshows, were included on gccinsider.com and we were able to offer a blog, hosted by Vox, as an added spontaneous treat.

The Insider, autumn 2008 edition will be offered online-only. We hope to offer both print and web versions for the spring semester. Either way, we at the Insider hope that the online stories at gccinsider.com present a pleasant diversion for your winter holidays.

-Jane Pojawa