‘I Think War Affects Everyone’

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The Justice Coalition hosted the Arlington West Exhibition in Plaza Vaquero
on Nov. 8. Crosses and a coffin were displayed as a symbolic re-creation of the
Arlington National Cemetery. The exhibit honored the 2,055 fallen soldiers and
the 14,902 soldiers who have been wounded in the Iraq War. The event was tied to
the Veterans Day holiday, celebrated Nov. 11, and was meant to create a day of
remembrance on campus.

GCC students felt that the Arlington West event gave
them a sense of the reality that is hidden from them. Tina Dartyan, 18, an
international relations major, said, “It is a very impressive visual sight. I
think this event has a message and gives you a great idea of how many soldiers
have died.”

Nicole M. Brown, 21, a psychology major, echoes those
feelings. “It [the display] gives us a sense of reality [by] showing the other

side, not only what the media wants to show us.”