A Second Life For a Soldier

For United States military veterans and families seeking greater opportunities, Glendale Community College Veterans Center is here to lend a hand. The center provides students with guidance, grants, programs and scholarships. The GCC Veterans Resource Center also offers counseling, tutoring, referral services, outreach, and assistance. The most popular programs include nursing, aviation, and fire science. Desirae Perez, class of  2021 with a certificate in Fire Technology stated, “GCC made my intro to California education more than memorable with its beautiful campus, staff all about helping, and a veterans center that made me feel like family!” 

Approved by the VA, Glendale Community College is a degree-granting institution for veterans’ dependents and veterans needing educational assistance. It is the veteran’s responsibility to fill out all of the necessary forms before seeing the Veterans Certifying official after applying for admission. For each semester you wish to receive VA Education Benefits an Intent-To-Register form must be submitted. GCC recognizes and credits veterans for education training that was completed in the armed forces with college work that was completed in the United States.

Available scholarships just require a DD214 which is your Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty. Marines Memorial Association is a favored scholarship for Marine Vets. College-Level Examination Program exams are readily available to military personnel as a way to save funds and time while earning your college credits. The Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support funds the CLEP exam for certain eligible military members. The College Tuition Fee Waiver Veterans Dependents, Veterans of California, waives mandatory fees and tuition at any California State Community College, or College State University. The program, however, does not cover expenses such as books, parking, or housing. 

The Veterans Center is located in the Tongva Building Annex. However, due to COVID-19, Veteran counseling will be conducted online, by email, or remotely. As of now, on campus, Glendale is requiring the Covid-19 Vaccine. 


GCC Veterans Center: https://www.glendale.edu/apply/veterans/first-steps-for-vets

To apply for College: https://www.opencccapply.net/gateway/apply?cccMisCode=731

Scholarships : https://www.edumed.org/financial-aid/student-veteran-scholarships-resources/

Military transcripts: https://jst.doded.mil/smart/welcome.do

CLEP exams:  http://clep.collegeboard.org/military

Sarah Klubov can be reached at [email protected]