California vs. Personal Care Salons

One Salon Owners Struggles with Reopening

COVID has caused many businesses to close and salons have been especially struggling during this time. But time went by, and people began to adjust. Hair salons were allowed to open for indoor operation in August with restrictions. However, personal care salons were not able to open with hair salons. Personal care services include but are not limited to, esthetician, skincare, and cosmetology services. Personal care salons were grouped with businesses like tattoo and piercing parlors. These businesses have been struggling to stay open to most and had to stay closed a lot longer than other businesses. They only recently were allowed to open for indoor operations on October 26th. The state of California enforced many rules with personal care salons to make sure they are safe for everyone. El Vaquero spoke with Mandy Mendoza, the owner of Glow Beauty Co., a salon located in Pasadena, Calif., that specializes in eyebrow waxing, body waxing, and eyelash extensions. She answered some questions to help us understand the changes that had to be enforced and the struggles they have faced. 


El Vaq: What kind of rules or expectations did the city ask of you for reopening?  


Mandy: We as a salon had to make sure there was physical distancing, and there are no waiting areas.  Customers and staff must wear face coverings at all times. We have to make sure there is a limited salon capacity. There had to be enhanced cleaning, and disinfection of the facility is maintained and that ventilation is optimized.


El Vaq: What kind of precautionary adjustments did you have to do for reopening?  


Mandy: We had to invest in partitions (plexiglass) between stations, [and] also made sure that every station and artist was working six feet apart. We also added touchless hand sanitizers in multiple places in the salon.


El Vaq: How has covid affected your business?  


Mandy: We had to completely shut down for 7 months, being a small business this left me and my staff without revenue. Now we are back open with limited appointments, because of this we are basically starting at square one.   


El Vaq: How have your clients been during this time? Do you have any problems with people following protocol?    


Mandy: All clients and stylists have no problems following protocols.  Everyone is doing what we can to stay safe and stay open. 


El Vaq: Anything you’d like to add or say any final words?

Mandy: Hopefully we can all pull together and help stop the spread of Covid 19.


Small businesses are doing everything they can to keep everyone safe. At the same time, they are striving to stay open. They continuously need the support of the public to keep them open. You can find more information about Glow Beauty Co. and make an appointment ahead of time on their Instagram @glowbeautycompany. They can be found at 459 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91101.


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