Five Hobbies to Try During Quarantine

How to stay productive while also having fun

With winter right around the corner, many of you might be wondering how to stay productive during dark and gloomy days spent at home. COVID-19 cases are rising and a likely second wave is on the horizon. That may mean another shutdown. Here are 5 hobbies you can take on during these trying times.


Pick Up the Skillet


The first phase of quarantine might have unveiled the lack of cooking skills for some, so learning how to cook is a great hobby to take on. Most of us may have been spoiled with home cooking. Cooking at home has many benefits including not spending most of your money on takeout and healthier eating habits. Oftentimes it may feel like there’s never any time to cook for yourself due to work or school, but quarantine seems like the perfect time. 


Get Tidy


Organizing is another great way to pass time that never seems to go by during the winter. With work and school, many of us don’t have the time to spend tidying up our living space but in quarantine, organizing is the perfect way to be productive. From cleaning out storage closets to segregating kitchen pantries and garage storage bins. No matter how organized you may think you are there’s always a corner of your living space that probably needs some touching up. 


Easy Bake, 2.0


Baking is also another hobby that can not only be fun but useful as well. Oftentimes when one is bored, munching on snacks always seems like a good idea. Learning to bake your favorite baked goods like bread, cakes, etc. provides you with your favorite snacks as long as you have all the ingredients. Baking also ensures that you know exactly what ingredients are going in your food. 


Paint By Numbers 


Painting can also be great to take on during quarantine. Being able to express your creativity is so important. Painting kits are sold for as little as $20 on Amazon for those without any experience but with an interest in doing something new. You don’t need to have the most expensive or the best quality supplies to have fun. Following painting tutorials on YouTube to keep yourself motivated and interested can be a fun activity. 


Bust Out the Moleskine


Journaling, although it may sound tedious, is a great form of self-expression. Being stuck in quarantine and the stress of daily life have caused many people’s thoughts to be all over the place. Journaling can be a great way to keep track of how you’re feeling each day and offers an opportunity to be able to look back at your days in quarantine in the future. 


Taking on hobbies during quarantine is a great way to stay productive and keep your mind stimulated. Oftentimes we neglect to do things that make us happy because we’re too busy with our demanding schedules, but now more than ever, it is important to maintain a healthy routine that includes hobbies to promote productivity.  

Serene Janian can be reached at [email protected]