Fitness Apps Offering In-home Workouts

New exercising options amid gym closures

Since officials announced the temporary closures of all gyms in Los Angeles County back in March, avid gym-goers have been forced to find other means of exercising to continue to stay in shape and burn off those calories. For many, staying active in the gym is a ritual which not only makes a person look good, but also helps them feel good in return. More importantly, there are many health benefits of exercising. 

Staying active allows individuals to control their overall weight gain and helps to combat underlying health conditions. Consequently, with no determined date of when stage three businesses will be allowed to reopen, which includes gyms, fitness enthusiasts and companies have gotten extremely creative. Many companies are now more than ever, offering online workouts and programs available to you simply through a PC or a smart device, which can be used in the convenience of your own home. Some of the top training apps receiving much hype these days are Nike Training Club, Peloton, and Adidas Training by Runtastic. Below are my two favorite apps that I would recommend for users of all levels , as well as those who do not have access to expensive workout machines. 


  1. Fitbit App – Fitbit owners already have the ability to monitor their sleep, log water intake, and track the number of steps taken or calories burned for the day —  and those are just a few of the available tools. Through the Discover feature, there are guided programs that offer options on healthy eating as well as various workout videos that are geared to fit your standards whether it is easy, medium, or hard that you are looking for. For those who want to upgrade to premium for more options and unlimited access, Fitbit is now offering a free 90-day trial, with just a low $9.99 monthly cost thereafter.


  1. 24GO App – 24 Hour Fitness members are no longer able to walk into a gym, but they now have access to streaming workout videos and can actually view live trainers teaching various classes throughout all hours of the day. This amazing app begins with recommended workouts designed just for you and your body type, which is based on questions answered during the setup process. As if that wasn’t enough, members have access to do cardio, pilates, yoga, Zumba, full-body circuit training, and so much more right in the comfort of their own living rooms. Note that this service is 100% free for existing members, since monthly payments have been suspended until the reopening of all 24 Hour Fitness gyms.


Whether you are seeking easy or advanced training sessions and workouts, or you’re just wanting to exercise while having an enjoyable time, these fitness apps won’t disappoint.


Tanya Ruiz can be reached at [email protected].