Netflix’s “Win the Wilderness” is a Reality Show Off-The-Grid

Escape into the wild and be witness to a gift from one Alaskan soul to another

       This short documentary series “Win the Wilderness” on Netflix is about a contest that a free-spirited and wild loving couple Duane Ose and Rena Ose created. The goal is to pass on their home and legacy to a new heir couple for them to continue what the Oses started 30 years ago. 

      Duane Ose started his journey becoming the last person to gain a place in the Alaskan wilderness in 1982. Duane hiked more than 57 miles through rough and dangerous terrain in order to encounter the perfect spot for Ose Mountain. He met his now-wife Rena at a market place while seeing her carrying her grocery bags. He knew she was the one. Rena took the matters into her own hands and proposed to Duane three days later. In the series, Duane explained that “you never say no when a woman proposes to you.” He accepted her proposal and they got married. 

      Although this was not either of Duane’s or Rena’s first marriages, they both knew that “the second time around for them was much better” because “what you see is what you get.” This motto and passion is what Duane and Rena will be looking for in their next heir. The successors will be picked by the Oses, and the contenders must show teamwork, ethics and a desire to continue on the legacy in Ose Mountain, Alaska, also known as the last frontier. In order to win the property, six couples must battle against each other with only one unit standing as the future heirs. 

       The winning couple must show endurance, teamwork and a love, as well as respect for the wilderness. The contenders were given challenges and tasks throughout the process of elimination, and their tenacity and honest driven hearts granted them a spot to win the Ose Mountain property. Now a legacy, Duane and Rena Ose have worked non-stop their whole lives to build and expand their wildest dreams in Ose Mountain. 

      The six lucky United Kingdom couples are composed of the best suitors to compete for the property, but only one will prevail and be the next owner of the mountain. The couples are Bee and Theo, Pete and Jane, Emily and Mark, Matt and Rachel, Tina and Chris, and Jerome and Laura. Over the course of six episodes, the couples must portray a terrific set of skills. Out of those six couples, only four can advance to the finale and demonstrate why they deserve Ose Mountain. 

      In order to reach the finale, the couples must make an incredible impression on Duane and Rena, and be granted an overnight stay at Ose Mountain, with one opportunity to convince the owners that they are the right couple for their gift. They must impress the Oses’ trusted friend, local survival expert CJ. Although a competition is in place, many of the contestants grow fond of each other, making the decisions and the pressure around them that much harder. The last four standing couples must give it their all. Even then, it might not be enough for Duane and Rena. 

Kimberly Aguilar can be reached at [email protected].