A Time of Hope

Finding the bright side amid the coronavirus pandemic


Living during a time of uncertainty can bring about unwanted stress and anxiety for us all. The coronavirus pandemic that the world is currently battling is one that has made a massive impact on our lives and has undoubtedly left us shaking. Many are not only battling for their own lives, but are also mourning the loss of their loved ones. Workers are losing their jobs daily and this has caused the unemployment rate to rise tremendously, likely to hit the highest unemployment rate on record.

In March, everyone was told to stay at home, avoid public places and close contact with friends and family. Graduations, weddings, and all events are being canceled or postponed on a daily basis. In the blink of an eye, our lives changed and it’s no wonder many are fearful and skeptical of what lies ahead. However, in the midst of this crisis, we can choose to stay positive and hopeful that there are brighter days ahead. For many of us pre-coronavirus, our lives were often in high-gear, rushing from one place to the next, and by the time we got home to our families, we were too tired to even enjoy quality time with them. Although we can’t say that this crisis was for the better, we can say that this crisis has caused a time of change and perhaps, a time of hope. 

This increased time we all have been given in absence of our usual routines seems to have opened our eyes to the most important things we’ve been neglecting for quite some time. Now more than ever we’re seeing children playing out in their yards, taking a break from technology, and opting to enjoy the sun and fresh air. Adults are spending a great deal of one-on-one time with their partners and families, and have even become imaginative in the kitchen with their newly found home-cooked meals. 


This postponement of our lives has shown us that we now have the time to do the small or even large undertakings we’ve been putting off for so long. From learning new skills or resuming long lost hobbies, we’ve become the bakers, painters, writers, and even carpenters we never knew we were capable of. Many have found that taking on these new hobbies has been enlightening and almost therapeutic in nature. 


Not only has this epidemic allowed us to discover our inner-selves, but it has also given Mother Nature a much-needed rest. With less noise from crowding moving vehicles bustling through cities, the sounds of singing and chirping birds are now ever so distinct. Less car smog has made the sky bluer, the grass greener, and the views much more breathtaking. The beautiful scenery and cleaner air we seem to have been living without, has taught us to pause for a moment and appreciate its beauty. Although it’s inevitable that our lives will one day resume to our busy on-the-go selves, hopefully when that time comes, we can all look back to reflect and appreciate that this time in our life changed us for the better.


Tanya Ruiz can be reached at [email protected].