Quirky Health and Wellness Hacks

Weird health and wellness tips for everyday people

Flu season is still going strong, which means staying on top of our health should remain a top priority. From stimulating your mind to playing Tetris, there are a plethora of different tips and tricks to stay ahead without jeopardizing our health. Not only can we avoid getting sick, but we can implement new methods to help us feel better from within. For those that just want to stay on top of their wellness game, here are a few hacks to help our bodies thrive.

Whiskey for Sore Throats

Did you know that gargling whiskey may help soothe a sore throat? Next time you’re feeling under the weather, try adding a spoonful of whiskey to a mixture of ginger, honey, and lemon and start gargling. This can help ease some irritation, according to Greatist.com. Here’s the 21 and under option: Mix lemon, cinnamon, and honey into two cups of boiling water and drink away.  

Tetris on the Brain

Tetris can help you flex your brain. Consider a study that shows playing the simple game of Tetris may increase brain efficiency and produce a thicker cortex, per ScienceDaily.com / BMC Research Notes. The game was designed in a way to keep your brain hooked, with a new pattern to solve every game.

Did Someone Say Apples?

Do you get claustrophobic? Apples may help. Next time you know you will be surrounded by people, try sniffing an apple or two. Studies show that apples may help reduce the stress associated with claustrophobia, according to Realbuzz.com.

Dry Body Brushing

Mindbodygreen com. explains that there are multiple benefits associated with dry brushing. It helps with increased blood circulation, exfoliation, and even aids with lymphatic drainage and detoxification. Next time you’re in a drug store, keep a lookout for a soft bristle dry body brush.

Plain Old Celery Juice

Studies promote drinking at least 16 ounces of celery juice a day. The benefits include neutralizing and detoxifying the liver, aiding against bloating and even helping with digestion, per Parsley Health.com / Medical Medium.com. If one is beginning to feel sick, this may help fight off infection, as celery juice contains many antioxidant properties.

Himalayan Salt Lamp: Not Just For Hippies

Not only do Himalayan salt lamps serve as cool lighting decor, they are specifically known for their purifying air qualities and helping promote a better nights sleep. The lamp releases negative ions into the air which can also help with allergies, as reported by Mindbodygreen.com. Plus, they are super visually appealing.

CBD: Enough Said

The non-psychoactive oil has multiple health benefits, like encouraging sleep, helping with discomfort, depression, anxiety, and even pain, according to Tonic.Vice.com. The oil can be incorporated into the body in a multitude of different ways. Next time you have a migraine and are of age, CBD might be a good option to look into.

Antioxidant Smoothie Kick

If you’re ever in the mood for a smoothie, add a teaspoon of chia seeds into the blender along with a few fruits of your choice. Chia seeds are an excellent source of fiber and have Omega 3 fatty acids. Not to mention, they can promote good cholesterol and heart health.

Cold Showers

Cold showers have long been connected to improving overall energy and immunity. Even as far as promoting healthy sleep and skin, according to Impossiblehq.com. Everyone should try it at least once.

Aloe Vera: the Miracle Plant

This plant is amazing for treating acne, dry skin, and even sunburns. Even if your skin just needs a little pick me up, aloe vera is a great affordable option for anyone to try. It is also rich in nutrients, which can help protect the overall layer of skin.

Overall, there are multiple tricks and hacks for anyone to stay on top of their health. Being proactive about one’s well being is the first step to benefiting anyone from the inside out. From Aloe Vera to apples, there is something for everyone to try.