Scholarship Seeking? There’s an App For That

Students can access opportunities at their own convenience through different options

Scholarship season is upon us, and yet most students have little-to-no knowledge about the plethora of outlets available to them regarding possible free money. The whole process of searching for scholarships can easily become frustrating and time consuming. Luckily, there are multiple apps and resources out there for students to take advantage of.

Apps such as Scholly succeed at just that. The $2.99 subscription app is designed to narrow down scholarships with over 20,000 opportunities available. This app is basically a scholarship database. According to their website, not only do college students benefit from the app, but it is also applicable to graduate students and high school seniors. From tracking down deadlines, to finding new scholarships, Scholly has it all. To begin, one must become a member and subscribe, which incurs a monthly charge. A few extra details are also needed to begin, such as information regarding current major, inspirations, goals, GPA and more. The app was invented by students for students, making them a relevant alternative to online databases. Nonetheless, these apps are still accessible through the web.

Another app available is called Fastweb. Whose “swipe” method was modeled after dating apps. The layout was designed after the popular notion of swiping left for no and swiping right for yes. After a user inputs their current academic data, the app will specify needs based on skills and interests. This helps narrow down results for a more tailoring fit based on the student’s current state andor preferences. Fastweb includes over $3.4 billion in scholarships alone, according to their website. Another enhancement Fastweb includes is how they allow you to keep track of your progress and and access your scholarships as you apply for different kinds of aid regularly. Best of all, their app is free.

The last app El Vaquero scouted is called Niche. What makes Niche unique is how it not only helps students with scholarships, but also provides them information with college profiles, admission calculators and even college rankings, all in one hub. This is a game changer, because it allows prospective students to view their options in one place. Niche is constantly updating their data to stay relevant, which is also useful, as tuition and college admission criteria are constantly changing. Not to mention, their service remains free at no extra charge to begin.

Let’s face it, with already so much to focus on, many students easily fall behind on keeping track of deadlines or seeking out resources that can help aid with scholarships. Today’s students are often in the market for convenience and that’s where these resources can be helpful. Regardless of the type of funding a student is seeking, these apps serve as a good starting point. Importantly it is still crucial to do one’s own research regarding particular scholarship apps and making sure they are reliable.

Traditional modes of searching for opportunities shouldn’t be dismissed either. Students should visit their school’s Financial Aid office to find out information on scholarships or grants they are eligible for. Although Glendale College doesn’t have their own app available, they do, however, have an office that seeks to meet the needs of students. It is located on campus in room SC202. The last day to apply for GCC scholarships is March 22.