Chasing Paranormal Activity: The Harris House

This Glendale home is haunted by dead dogs

Hey guys, my name is Paul Kim and I am a reporter for the El Vaquero News. I will be doing a podcast about Paranormal Activity in the City of Glendale. Having previously experienced some paranormal activity in certain places, I quickly became fascinated by the idea of it, turning myself into a paranormal junkie. I especially love to explore through places that have been abandoned or haunted, but never wanted to go to these sites alone. At some point in my young adult life, I wanted to be a paranormal investigator. However, I am limited at this point, as I do not have the right equipment for ghost hunting, which makes me more cautious and scared to be there.

For real! I went to my first paranormal hub in Glendale and it was at the historic Harris House and it was amazing. It was built in 1902 before Glendale was even a city! You may have been there before and we promise that after this episode, you will never see it the same again. How often do I watch the ghost hunter video? I watch it all the time and it does creep me out but it’s cool to watch just not in a dark room and alone. The first time I watched it I felt uneasy, scared, and amazed, all at the same time.

In conclusion, there will be more of the paranormal activity interviews and I am thinking of going to the Charlie Chaplin mansion next and other haunted places here in Glendale. Honestly, I want to experience the paranormal during the interview. Coming soon to you is the podcast of the paranormal in Glendale Community College’s El Vaquero News.