Revive Your Skin in One Week

These LUSH products have many benefits


Chieko Kubo / Staff Photographer

Affordable jelly masks are available in LUSH stores.

Smooth, clean, and invisible pores. It’s the much coveted look every person wants when they look in the mirror.

El Vaquero tested products for the perfect skin from LUSH Cosmetics. Here’s what we found.

LUSH offers several jelly masks that encourage hydration in your skin. This time, I tried to use two different jelly masks that LUSH recommends for minimizing pores.

Hydration and moisturization are possibly the biggest factors of maintaining that “beautiful skin.” Hydration is how much water the skin has, and moisturization is how much it can hold and pack within. The perfectly moisturized skin is “soft and smooth,” according to an article from Viva Woman. Further, skin which has enough hydration is “plump and supple.” The most important thing is a balance, which, for some, is often hard to sustain.

Thus, when looking for certain types of skin care products, one needs to understand what their skin lacks the most. LUSH has in-store experts who will help in picking what’s most suitable. Simply indicating one’s skin type and the products they’ve previously used will most definitely help the process.

   I’ve been using “Rudolph” on the left half of my face and “Just to clarify” on the right half for 1-week. The results are noticeable.


This is a seasonal offer from LUSH. This brown mask has a thick and solid texture. With its amazing chocolate scent, the mask makes one feel like they’re putting actual chocolate on their face. The mask also includes a very small amount of scrub beads, which is hardly noticed by users. Therefore, this is more of a gentle mask, a perfect option for those with sensitive skin. The thick jelly mask is kind of hard to get rid of, so one can wipe the mask off with a soft cloth and later rinse it off, as recommended by a LUSH employee. Rudolph costs $9.95.

The effect of Rudolph was it gave my skin a more firm feel than before. It also made my cheek and forehead smooth and plump, even though my forehead had some tiny bumps. However, it did not cleanse my pores as well as I hoped it would. All in all, “Rudolph” is a great option for people with sensitive skin, and those who need extreme hydration. If you’re looking for something that helps remove white or blackheads, you should try the next product.

“Just to Clarify”

    The orange color mask is an all-time best offer from LUSH. If one inquires with a LUSH employee about something that minimizes pores, this jelly mask should be recommended. The mask also smells like orange, so users can feel fresh and fruity when they have the mask on. With a more gentle texture, this mask contains bigger pieces of scrub beads, which further cleanses the pores. The mask is $13.95.

Thanks to “Just to Clarify,” the whiteheads on my nose are now gone. I think the mask would work for cleansing the skin and getting rid of the excess inside pores, making them more visible. However, the grainy texture sometimes hurt my cheek a little. I would say “Just to Clarify” is quite great for making the nose, or somewhere has clogged pores, clean and smooth. However, you should be more considerate of what areas you use this mask if you have sensitive skin.

As they say, beautiful skin is a great representation of a healthy lifestyle. The condition of one’s skin, quite depends on their diet, but it’s also important to think about skincare routine. These masks are especially great for people who use makeup products often. The correct use of these products from LUSH would benefit everyone.

You can get LUSH products at the Glendale Galleria, located at 2148 Glendale Galleria Glendale, 91210. The store can be reached at (818) 637-7831.