Student-Friendly Jobs

Flexible employment opportunities for the busy college-goers

In the life of a college student it is often hard to juggle between school work and personal life. College students often need flexibility in their schedules, in order to maintain a good GPA. Many jobs don’t offer hours catered to a college student who needs to study daily. College students often have to struggle to figure out how to fit studying into their busy schedules. There are many jobs offered to college students who need flexibility in order to make school their priority.


Working for Uber comes with many benefits, you can work anytime, make your own hours and be your own boss. As an Uber driver you drive people from destination to destination. For college students it makes it easier if you have a last- minute assignment to study for and you need to study right away! Plus, you can be your own boss and earn incentives up to $1000 per week.


Rover is a website which is offered to people who love animals, and don’t mind dog sitting. It’s a great part time job for someone who is good at taking care of animals and doesn’t mind the upkeep. At times, you could be walking the dog when the owner is out of town. Rover employees can earn an average of $1000 a week depending on how many dogs you take care of. Meanwhile, full time employees working four weeks out the month and taking care of two to three dogs can make up to $3,000.


Door Dash is a delivery service that enables you to make money delivering food at certain hours of the day. College students are able to make their own hours! A Door Dash delivery person is guaranteed $1750 depending on the amount of deliveries completed.


Craigslist offers many ways to make fast cash. You can go on the free page and collect the stuff that people don’t want, then sell it for double or maybe triple the price. You can be your own boss, and make all the profit for yourself.


Being a Bird Scooter charger is a good job for a student who needs a flexible schedule. As a “Bird Charger” you have to find the scooter in a certain area. The more difficult it is to find, the more you get paid for the gig. Chargers can make up to $5 to 20 dollars per scooter charged.


Fiverr freelance computer editing is a site offered to individuals who are good at computer editing or graphics. It’s great for college students who are studying computer design and need to build their portfolio, you can also set your own pay rates.

Poshmark / Mercari

Poshmark & Mercari are sites that are used to sell your gently used or named brand clothing. For college student who are fashionistas this is the perfect job, you’re able to style and sell unique vintage finds, while making major profits!

Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex Delivery service is an option for someone who doesn’t like a superviser to report to, and you can create your own hours depending on the drop off delivery times. The average Amazon Flex worker can earn up to $18-31 an hour, delivering boxes door to door.

Turo Car Renting Service Turo Car renting service is perfect for a student who finds their car sitting in their garage. Go on the site and put your car for listing, and instantly people want to give you money to rent your car. Set your own rates, and make money while not lifting a finger. Depending on the car you own, you’re able to make a range of $15 to 250 a day.

Background Actor

Be an Extra or Background Actor! If you’re a theatre major or a college student fascinated by movies and television. Being a background actor has many perks, you can work anytime you want and you can pick and choose the projects you want to work on. You can even get more experience behind scenes of major movie sets. Most background workers receive $14 to 18 an hour or more depending on the project.