Self-Motivation Resources & Strategies for GCC Students

Implementing these strategies could serve as tremendous help for individuals on campus


Jordan Henry / Staff Photographer

Be a successful college student by using these tips.

As the semester continues, schoolwork can become an emotional turmoil which leaves students feeling drained and liable of forming unhealthy patterns. Perhaps, this is the reason why many college students develop traits such as anxiety, stress, and frustration, which later eliminates the drive for motivation.

However, identifying their strengths and weaknesses within and out of the school setting may help students create the right strategies that work for them. In turn, it could leave them feeling more in control and motivated to continue.

With this in mind, it is important to remember all the resources that are available. In terms of Glendale Community College, there are a wealth of accessible outlets for students to utilize.

El Vaquero asked GCC students about their tips and tricks in regards to staying motivated and organized. Here is what we came up with:

“Prioritize. Prioritize Prioritize. You’ve probably overlooked this one to begin with. Every ‘game plan’ should start with what you value spending your time most on. Whether that entails prioritizing your weakest subject on top or even spending more time on that Friday night to ace that Math quiz you’re worried about,” advised Jennifer Bocanegra, a communications major. She revealed that her biggest secret to success is to compile her classes from weakest to hardest and set aside the most time for her most difficult class.

Next tip is to identify your long term objective. Create a clear vision of the end goal, whether that’s maintaining your grade point average and earning that A or B, or aligning your schedule to fulfill the effort that a class demands.

As a college student myself, I can’t stress enough the importance of maintaining the vision of the long-term goal I am trying to achieve. With this in mind, I become more prone to getting involved with resources that will benefit me, such as joining a workshop at the Learning Center here on campus in AD 232.

Whether the workshop is about “Keys to College Success,” or simply learning about “Essay Structures and Fragments,” I am more inclined to do so when I remember my end goal.

Number three, make a habit of jotting down important deadlines and assignments. Sounds simple, but it will make all the difference.

This is especially true if you’re a visual person. Time is your most precious resource, so make the best of it. Learn to manage your time wisely and set up a schedule that accommodates to your needs. Whether this includes splitting up the times you study for each class (breaks included) or simply creating an agenda that will help execute your goals. Forming this habit will ensure you always stay on top of your work and reduce the chance of falling behind.

As for, Ashley Quintana, a nursing major, she stays on top by implementing the notes section of her iPhone as a “planner” to jot down her deadlines and weekly assignments. She recommends doing this because in between being a student and having job, it helps her see visually what she has to do as the week progresses, in addition to adding stuff as the week goes.

Next tip includes a key element, which is not to be afraid to ask for help! Many students make the mistake of not taking advantage of professors office hours or the school’s resources. There are dozens of help resources that are meant for the sole purpose of helping students in need!

Not to mention, Glendale College offers free tutoring in the Learning Center in AD 232, and Math Discovery Center in AD 103, accommodating to students struggling in either Math or English. There is even an option available for students to book a student tutor to review their papers.

This is useful because it allows students to receive extra help from someone who’s in their shoes as a student themself and can serve as a different outlet for remaining on top and motivated.

Get your sleep. The key to remaining motivated involves both a productive and energetic mind. Each will increase your drive to tackle what each day brings and the assignments that come along with it.

Aim towards your goals with the right attitude and mindset. Don’t bother giving into self doubt because all that does is cloud the vision against your goal. Nuture a mindset that will fulfill your mind with a positive outlook even when you feel like surrendering. The end game will be worth it.

In addition, GCC offers a workshop on the “Growth Mindset,” which goes into detail about how an attitude can make a huge difference within your perspective on academics and in real life, further emphasizing the value placed on remaining driven and inspired.

Be mindful of your expectations. Success takes hard work, and you have to be willing to earn the grade you desire, don’t expect instant gratification.

Art History major Natalie Yeroomian goes on to emphasize the importance that goes into actually putting in the work for the grade you desire. Everytime she has hit bumps in her success, she has always reminded herself to persevere and that anything worth accomplishing takes hard work and the right mindset to follow.

Overall, it is important for every student in or out of college to focus on the small successes too. Often times us students get so discouraged on everything we didn’t achieve that we overlook what we have done and did achieve.

Most of all, give yourself credit when and where it’s due and remind yourself that you are capable of more than you know. With this in mind, don’t be afraid to seek out all the resources that are available to you, and take advantage all the outlets that are at your disposal.