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Glendale College students tell El Vaquero their spooky stories

Lily Zierhut

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The people who owned my house prior to us moving in all died there. One man in particular, the one who lived there longest,was very sick and lived there with his nurse. He died in my room. Most nights when I’m trying to fall asleep I always see random things shift around.When I am watching the show Ghost Adventures, my TV will start glitching, specifically when the show plays reenactments of ghosts. Sometimes even when there is no air current, I randomly get a gust of wind blown in the face. The freakiest thing I’ve encountered was in my living room I was napping and woke up to a man whispering in my ear, too low to actually hear what he was saying. I sat down and looked up and all three of our cats looking straight down at me, it freaked me out because they say cats can see and hear spirits. I had to leave that day, but I still live there.