Vaq’s Dodgeball

“If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.” – Patches O’Houlihan

We are back, and it is dodgeball season. A new club is on the horizon!

The Glendale College League of Dodgeball “is an organization dedicated to providing an inclusive, fun environment for all students at Glendale Community College,” according to the mission statement of the organization. This club offers all GCC students and faculty the opportunity to play organized dodgeball, make new friends and compete with their squad.

Being a student can be a lot of work. We are well into the fifth week of the semester and the workload is in full force. League of Dodgeball is a perfect place to let go of all the stress.

When asked about the benefits of joining, Bobby Morales, marketing major, and president of the club, showed his enthusiasm about the new opportunities the League of Dodgeball brings to campus.

“It is a great way to get involved on campus, meet people [and] stay healthy,” Morales said.

He also mentioned that joining this club is free and there are no commitments. If you play hard enough, you can even skip the gym.

“Dodgeball doesn’t take any brain work,” said Joseph Ortiz, history major and vice president of the club. “Throw a ball and have fun.” As a developing club, the League of Dodgeball will need lots of members to play matches. Everyone is welcome, bring your friends and spread the word. An easy going and active game of dodgeball is not only easy on the mind, but it is also good for the body.

As of now, the official meetings are yet to be announced but are expected to be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.. Organized teams are welcome and matching shirts are encouraged. Dodgeball typically consists of two teams of five. Bring five and have a team or bring ten and have a match. Games will be held across from campus, in Verdugo Park, next to the home of Vaq’s baseball.

Regardless the reason for joining, this club is guaranteed to be fun. Although not promised by club officials, I am willing to say it is the easiest one on campus.