But First, Let Me Take a Selfie

There’s a different kind of museum in town, and before you mock it, you may want to read this piece


Jasmine Amabile

The author, left, poses, for a “bathroom selfie.”

Glendale is now home to The Museum of Selfies for a limited time.

Somewhere around a million selfies are uploaded to social media daily, according to AdWeek. So, whether you love or hate the selfie craze, social media provides a document to show they’re here to stay. Now there’s a museum, too.

Every part of this museum is interactive, and upon arrival you are given a selfie stick to use during your visit. They also utilize hashtags (#) throughout the museum. The tour begins with their #statement, in which you answer the question, “Why do people take selfies?”

You will walk into the history of selfies dating back to Renaissance-era and Impressionist period self-portraits, and how they have evolved through both art and technology.

While learning the history and culture of the selfie, you take your own selfies with props within 15 different exhibits.

Weaving through this museum, you will find the most popular recreated selfie spaces like the gym selfie, the dramatized car selfie, and of course the typical bathroom selfie. Besides taking the most basic selfies, you will get to experience the selfie view from a skyscraper in Los Angeles. But wait, there’s more! You can also enjoy your very own edible selfie printed cookie.

This space is not huge, so you would think the experience would fly by, but honestly, how many photo attempts does it take to get that perfect selfie? And just when you think you have come to the end, they give you the best photo opportunity with the world’s longest selfie stick, measuring at 90 feet and 6 inches, extending through the entire museum.

If you still think you are too shy to take a million goofy selfies in front of a bunch of strangers, they do have a GIF photo booth, and a couple of bright colorful walls for more private contrast selfies.

This begs the question, do selfies need their very own museum? Based on the popularity of The Museum of Selfies, the answer, apparently, is a resounding yes!

The Museum of Selfies

When: Runs through May 31 and opens at noon. Closed on Mondays.

Where: 211 N. Brand Blvd., Glendale 91203

Timed tickets: $25

Jasmine Amabile can be reached at [email protected]