SoCal Dream Pad

In the architecture community, any time a mid-century home goes on the market, it’s big news. One such masterpiece is located in the highly desirable Adams Hill region of Glendale, Calif. The home, as of publishing, was still listed for sale for just under $900,000.

The 1031 Oberlin Dr. property was constructed by local architect Richard Banta in 1962 and fits a traditional “H” design that was vastly appreciated in the 1950s and ‘60s for its ability to make a resident feel like they’re outside even when they’re sitting in their living room. The Banta home is pure white with a splash of yellow-green thanks to the entrance right through the carport. A skylight just above the entryway captures attention and makes use of natural lighting. A private deck, which is essentially a courtyard that gives off the feeling of being suspended in air, offers fabulous views of the city and mountains, and provides sense of privacy that one rarely gets in a backyard Los Angeles space.

From stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, to frosted doors throughout the public rooms for privacy, this home is reminiscent of earlier architects like Richard Neutra and Rudolph Schindler, especially in the windows and use of natural materials. There’s even a style replicated from Charles and Ray Eames in the use of frosted glass.

Floor to ceiling glass windows makes one feel like they’re outside and suspended on the side of the hill that the dwelling is built on. For those who have been to the lovely Neutra VDL Studio and Residences in Silver Lake, Calif., you’ll immediately be drawn to the masterful use of windows to bring light inside.

Splashes of orange, another nod to the days of Charles and Ray Eames, are found interspersed throughout the house, from the suspended lights in the kitchen, to the staging furniture, to the gas fireplace outside in the deck area. The landscaping is drought tolerant in the front lawn, boasting some succulents – a theme followed on inside the property through pots of cacti.

Banta, who was part of the American Institute of Architects, worked for prominent firms owned by Carl Maston, Welton Becket, and the eponymous firm owned by the Louis Armet, and Eldon Davis. Due to the location, Banta had quite a challenge on his hands, realtor and partner Chris Jacobs of L.A. Luxe Group explained in his listing. The result, however, is truly a feast for the eyes.

The home even has its own website: