Understanding Transfer Process

Nare Garibyan, Academic: Counselor

Transfer Season is Upon Us

By: Counseling, Student Services

When community college students hear the word “transfer,” several reactions occur. Some students feel uneasy, nervous not to make a mistake on their applications. Some students are anxious, hoping to be admitted at their dream universities and colleges.  Some students are ambitious, applying to several campuses within California, both private and public. Some also consider out-of-state universities and colleges, while others apply to transfer institutions outside the U.S. In all these instances, the counselors at the transfer center and the general academic counselors are available to ease some of these tensions and assist in all that relates to transfer applications and final course planning before transfer. For students applying this year, the deadline is approaching. Visit us to learn more and strategize a good academic plan with an effective transfer timeline.

Here are Some Tips:

  • Visit the transfer center/academic counseling regularly
  • Attend a Transfer Center Workshop
  • Start applications early
  • Make an appointment with a transfer counselor
  • Make an appointment with a general academic counselor
  • Read the Monthly Transfer Center Bulletin
  • Watch out for the new changes in the CSU application
  • Research the universities and colleges that best serve you and your major
  • There is more to it then earning the highest GPA
  • Pay attention to unit totals and limits
  • Apply to more than one transfer institution
  • Consider the UC’s, the CSU’s, the private schools, out-of-state colleges
  • Ask questions about GE certification
  • Verify Associate Degree(s) for Transfer for the CSU
  • Visit the universities you are interested in applying


Transfer Center October Bulletin ….