El Sauz Serves Good Mexican

There’s a rule of thumb that if there isn’t much of a high demand for a place’s services or goods it may not be that good of a place. Consumers know what’s good, right?
If that rule is true, then you ought to try El Sauz Tacos. The restaurant (more like a hut) is located on San Fernando Road in Glendale. That’s easily accessible when you have a couple hours between classes and you’re craving a bite to eat.
There is always a line out the door. That led to the creation of El Sauz No. 2. Glendale’s location is the second addition to the company. The newest taco shop is located on the corner of Colorado and Pacific.
Options are broad for this little eatery. Considering that Mexican food is pretty broad, the offerings here are actually solid. The asada tacos are a known favorite. Diners have the option of choosing between a red or green salsa. The green salsa is more mild while the red will make your eyes water.
So if you’re into spicy, this place is king.
Other favorites include the torta, which is a Mexican sandwich, with your choice of meat, mayonnaise, tomato, beans, avocado and red salsa. To those whose tastebuds still work: opt for the salsa on the side or you’ll be crying!
This taco shop has breakfast burritos which will make you think twice about making the drive out to Lucky Boy in Pasadena.
Their burritos are packed with hash browns, your choice of meat, two eggs and cheese. Don’t forget their special salsa!
Business hours for this taco shop are 8 a.m. to midnight Monday through Saturday, and 10 a.m. to midnight on Sunday. That means you can grab a bite if you’re out late on the weekend or if you need a quick pick me up (really, what’s better than Mexican food?).
This is a cash only stand like most tacos shops. This cute new hut has outdoor seating in the front as well as the back of the hut.
It’s completely clean, if you want to skip the line at the original El Sauz this is the place to go. The price range is under $10.
El Sauz Tacos is located at 470 W. Colorado St., Glendale, Calif.
So for a good (and affordable) taco and maybe some relaxing coversation in the charming outside seating area, head on over.