Pets Bring Much-Needed Stress Relief to Students in Finals Week


Alex Markarian

Isabella Alvarez holds tight to one of the two dachshund dogs at ASGCC’s Pet and Reset Event on Tuesday in Plaza Vaquero. Students waited in line to play with dogs for one minute, to de-stress during finals week.

As students prepare for the wrath of finals week, the Associated Students of Glendale College (ASGCC) brought some furry friends to Plaza Vaquero on Tuesday to relieve some stress.

Researches going back to the early 1980s reveal that petting and interacting with canines can help decrease blood pressure along with depression.  Colleges across the country have brought man’s best friend to help students cope with the anxiety and stress revolved around final exams.

Sophomore Isabella Alvarez found out about the event through a flyer last minute. “Playing with the dogs brought me joy and took my stress away for a minute,” Alvarez said. “I haven’t slept in a long time, so this made my day.”

Senator of Activities, Aurianna Aghajanian shared that the committee brainstormed about the event for over two months. They teamed with Puppies and Reptiles for Parties, a family owned kennel in Torrance. Several breeds ran around in a fenced area on the lawn of Plaza Vaquero: maltese, yorkie, doxie, shih tzu, and jack russell terriers.

Students waited in a lengthy line to enjoy one minute with the dogs. “I waited about 10 minutes, but it was worth it,” Tiedra Baghoomian said. “My boyfriend and I thought it be a good study break from the library for a few minutes.”

After spending time with the puppies, ASGCC distributed care packages to each participant. In a small plastic bag, packages included bubble wrap to pop away when stressing, a bag of chips and juice, pencils with scantrons.

Final exams begin today through December 14.