Best Holiday Films of All Time


There are certain things that people expect out of Christmas, a tree, presents, time together as a family, and sometimes even eggnog. Christmas movies can be one of the most important parts of Christmas as everyone in the family watches together.

One of the best movies to watch is “Lost Christmas.” directed by John Hay (“The Truth About Love” 2005)  It is a relatively unknown movie that came out in 2011 about a boy named goose played by Larry Mills (“Arranged” 2007) who is going down the wrong path in life and gets a second chance one Christmas Eve.

This heartwarming movie brings out forgiveness after tragedy, and illustrates how  the value of family should never be taken for granted. It inspires people to bring families closer together and spread the love, perfectly capturing the spirit of Christmas.

It’s great to watch, and since not everyone has seen it, the family can all watch something new together.

If they are looking for more of a classic, “The Nightmare Before Christmas” is a close second. Directed by Henry Selik (“Coraline” 2009) and written by Tim Burton (“Alice Through the Looking Glass” 2016), It might not seem like the best holiday film as a large part is about Halloween, but a lot of the movie is spent in Christmas Town.

While the main character Jack Skellington, voiced by Chris Sarandon (“I Smile Back” 2015) is the Pumpkin King, he is looking for more beyond his day of Halloween. After stumbling upon Christmas, he very quickly becomes rather obsessed with it and tries to become Santa Claus.

Despite his effort, he doesn’t quite understand the meaning of Christmas. It’s a classic movie that is great to watch because it presents Christmas from an outsider’s point of view. Perfect for people that likes things a bit unconventional.

“The Polar Express” is well known but not a typical movie. It came out 2004, directed by Robert Zemmeckis (“Allied” 2016). It inspires people to believe in things they can’t see, even when the world insists it’s not real.

The main character, a young boy growing up played by Tom Hanks (“Sully” 2016), is beginning to doubt the existence of Santa Claus. Later that night a train pulls up in front of his house to take him to the North Pole and prove him wrong.

It is a great story about friendship, trust and believing. It can make kids feel giddy and the adults feel like they’re kids again.

“White Christmas” is a classic holiday story of love and comedy mixed with a bit of drama and a few musical numbers. It debuted  in 1954, directed by Michael Curtiz (“The Comancheros” 1961) and is still a favorite six decades later.

Starring Bing Crosby (“Dr. Cook’s Garden” 1971) as Bob Wallace, Danny Kaye (“Skokie” 1981) as Phil Davis, Rosemary Clooney (“Radioland Murders” 1994) as Betty Haynes, and Vera-Ellen (“Let’s Be Happy” 1957) as Judy Haynes.  The cute and funny story elements are enough to cheer anyone up, but the music and dancing  makes an already good movie even better.

“Rudolf the Rednose Reindeer” is yet another classic. It came out in 1964,directed by Larry Roemer (“The Ballad of Smokey the Bear” 1966) in a time where animation was not very advanced, but the  claymation continues to entertain children and adults alike.

As the song goes, Rudolf the Rednose Reindeer, voiced by Billie Mae Richards (Shadow Builder 2004), gets picked on for his unusual nose, but soon gets to prove himself by helping Santa through a storm. Unlike the song, the movie adds more backstory and a bit of a prologue to Rudolf’s tale.

This story of acceptance and friendship is great for kids to watch and adults to reminisce.

The “Winter Stallion” is a story of family and forgiveness. After his father dies, Alan, played by Daniel Travanti (“One Small Hitch” 2013), must take care of the farm of horses and his orphaned niece.

Unsure of what to do Alan has to decide whether or not to sell the farm despite his niece’s wishes or move back to a place he has spent years trying to get away from.

The “Winter Stallion” came out in 1992 and was directed by Peter Edwards (“Guns of Honor” 1998). It’s relatively unknown, but is still a heartwarming Christmas movie about bringing families together.

There have been a lot of Christmas romantic comedies made, but none quite like “Christmas Angel.” Originally released on 2009 and directed by Brian Brough (“Singing with Angels” 2016) this movie has a much deeper sentiment than what’s on the surface.

The main character, Ashley Matthews, played by Kari Diaz (“Friend Request” 2013) , has had to fend for herself for a lot of her life and has become somewhat antisocial and standoffish. However when her neighbor convinces her to start helping him help others, secretly, she starts to warm up to people.

With strong messages of helping people who need it and allowing other people to help you, this romantic comedy, sets itself apart.

If the family is looking for something a bit more relaxed and not as deep, “The Santa Clause” directed by John Pasquin (“Miss congeniality 2: Armed and fabulous” 2005) is just the movie.

After accidentally killing Santa Claus, Scott Calvin played by Tim Allen (“Three Geezers” 2013) must become Santa and deliver all the presents before Christmas Day. It’s funny, charming and often a crowd pleaser

The live action “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” that came out in 2000 and directed by Ron Howard (“In the Heart of the Sea” 2015) never fails to make people laugh. When is Jim Carrey (“True Crimes 2016) ever not funny?

Beside the already crazy antics of Doctor Seuss come to life and are made even crazier by Jim Carrey playing the Grinch. Funny and classic, this movie brings people together over the true meaning of Christmas.

Not to leave out other classics like “It’s a Wonderful Life” directed by Frank Capra (“Pocketful of Miracles” 1965) came out in 1946 and is still as popular as it was 70 years ago. With a message that everyone is important, even a seemingly unimportant man like George Bailey played by James Stewart (“Right of Way” 1983)

Another classic like “A Miracle on 34th Street,” directed by George Seaton (“Showdown” 1973), came out in 1947. After declaring an old man, who claims to be Santa, insane. Fred Gailey a lawyer played by John Payne (“They Ran for Their Lives” 1968) defends him in court as really being Kris Kringle.