It Ain’t Swede: It Never Snows in California

In Genesis 7:12 it says, “The rain fell upon the earth for 40 days and 40 nights.” In Sweden we call that summer. We have a motto in Sweden, “There’s no bad weather, only bad clothing.” Every mother in Sweden has said that more than once.
The fun part about us Swedes is that if it’s 60 degrees Fahrenheit in December, we wear a winter jacket, scarf, gloves and a cap. But if it’s 60 degrees in April, we wear a hoodie. So if the sun comes out we could take the hoodie off and not freeze to death. Or it can be as crazy as last year, when the beginning of December was hotter than the middle of June.
When I first got to Los Angeles the weather was bearable. Considering it was January, it felt warm for me and it only got warmer as the weeks went by.

But when I looked around, it felt like I was still in Sweden. Californians wore jackets, sweaters and scarves, even though it was like 70 degrees … whereas I went out in a tank top and shorts.
Now that I’ve lived here a little over a year, I’ve become so spoiled by this weather.

Three weeks ago I Skyped with my mom and she asked me how the weather was. I said it was cold — it was around 70 degrees. She took her iPad and walked to the window where she showed me the snow and then she asked me one more time how the weather was.

Last November, I woke up to texts from my mother and sister saying “You’re gonna go crazy, the first snow has come” and “It’s snowing in Landskrona (heart eyes emoji)” and I got so depressed, because, hello, it’s snow!
Then my brain got up to speed and I remembered, I don’t live in Sweden anymore, I live in Los Angeles. Where it snows like … never. In Sweden it’s the opposite. If the sun decides to show, you better get out there and enjoy it because you never know when you’ll have another chance.
Or as one of the Internet memes says “Swedish summer is the best day of the year.”

I spoke to my dad and said that we had around 90 F in October and it was nice to finally have a warm birthday (instead of rain and wind). He said, “Well, we are having 90 degrees Fahrenheit this weekend,” combining the 45 degrees on Saturday and 45 degrees on Sunday.

I was in Karlshamn, Sweden a few years ago with my best friend, we were out eating dinner with her family and were on our way home. It had snowed earlier and then it froze, so it was ice almost everywhere. My friend’s stepmom told us to be careful because it was slippery. What do you think I did literally two seconds after? Yep, I fell flat on my ass. Why do we need snow and ice?

Last semester one of my teachers told our class that there was suppose to be a storm coming and that we should be safe, but she also asked if we could get any good pictures. I was hyped since I’ve just heard about all the storms. The storm, as you called it, was heavy rain and a bit windy, nothing more.

So if you ever decide to go to Sweden, be sure to do that in the summer, because the way I’ve seen how you dress when it’s actually warm here, you will not last a day in the winter. And after my last semester next year, I’m not sure I will either.