Daniel Padilla Moonlights as Uber Driver


Uber is the new trend in transportation and anyone can be a driver, even a Glendale College staffer.

Daniel Padilla, manager of maintenance and operations, has become the newest member of the Uber family. A newcomer to the game, he enjoys what the job brings to him and the people.

I liked the idea of meeting new people and being a part of this new business that has changed the way people commute,” Padilla said.

He considered joining the international transportation company when his daughter came across an offer from Uber. The offer stated that if you refer someone to become a driver, and they complete 20 rides by Dec.1, you receive $400 and the driver earns $300.

“There is no pressure of a job interview and you get to choose when you want to work,” Padilla said. “It feels a little more entrepreneurial, which I really like. If I were a part-time student this would be an easy way to start earning money. Once you get approved to be a driver you can start working immediately.”

Padilla provided a few tips for aspiring drivers should consider: use a car that guarantees good gas mileage, and drive the areas that seek more requests — as it generates more pay in each fare. The most significant advice is to make sure you have a way to keep records of each fare, as there have been a few occasions that the payment has not gone through and the only way to receive credit is proof.

“I’ve lost a couple of payments because I didn’t know that information,” Padilla said. “I’m using MetroMile to help with that. It’s a simple tracking device and app that is free.”

Although Uber creates a world of positive perception when it comes to ease of transportation, it has some pitfalls.

“You don’t get to choose where you’re going. So when I’m tired, but want to make one last trip sometimes it’s really a long drive opposite from home,” Padilla said.

Interactions with customers has been one of the highlights though. From relating to their conversations, to learning new routes from passengers.

“One of my passengers and his brother were talking and the one brother was complaining that his newborn baby was sleeping in his bed, which made sleeping almost impossible for him,” Padilla shared. “His brother and I just laughed at him because we have been down that road before.”

Padilla is currently balancing two jobs with ease. “The timing seems good as there are a lot of people heading home after work,” Padilla said. “I’ve even helped some of our students go home or the mall after school.”

“The fun is you never know who you are taking somewhere … that’s adventure to me,” Padilla said.

If you or someone you know has questions on becoming a driver, you can contact Daniel Padilla at [email protected] or ext. 6610.