Is Glendale College Haunted?

With Halloween right around the corner, many — in the spirit of this ancient pagan holiday — are looking forward to children dressed as superheroes knocking on random doors and asking strangers for candy.
Other sights might include scantily clad women dressed up in hyper-sexualized costumes based on ordinary day jobs as well as a plethora of cheesy monster costumes.

The validity of the paranormal phenomena people experience and conveniently capture on shaky, low-quality cameras is a subject best left to be debated in the comments section on Youtube.

There are in fact organizations, both commercial and private, that devote their time to research into demonology and the occult. They conduct thorough paranormal investigations in hopes of communicating with entities that cannot be easily perceived.

Many people’s ideas of these investigations come from television, where ghost-hunting shows are popular. A show designed for this kind of “spooky” entertainment may be based on real techniques used by professional ghost hunters, but the entertainment aspect almost completely negates any possibility of scientific credibility; the kind of credibility which eludes even the most serious of private ghost hunters.

In the spirit of Halloween, a paranormal investigation will be conducted on campus, complete with equipment — or versions of said equipment — used by the professionals.

“The film collective meets every Wednesday from 12:30 to 1:30 and we discuss upcoming projects we are going to be working on. We hope to get some volunteers to go out and shoot that night,” said Julio Espino, President of the Film Collective.

“We are going to be using some thermal imaging cameras and a high-frequency audio recording device which can detect sounds that we cannot. We will be going around the administration building because it’s one of the older buildings on campus,” said Espino.

As far as historical research shows, nothing interesting has ever happened at Glendale College.

It was not built on an ancient Native American burial ground, there have been no serial killers who preyed on GCC students, in fact there is not even a grudging teacher who swore to haunt the campus in the afterlife and then proceeded to die-as far as we know.

Nonetheless, the investigation will continue with the goal of contacting, or at least capturing evidence of, a spirit of some kind roaming the campus; perhaps a former student, still attending classes in hopes of eventually transferring.