Club Rush Fall 2015!

Plaza Vaquero was lined with booths staffed by representatives of the 50-plus clubs currently active at Glendale College from Sept. 14-18.
Most clubs reported a decent turnout, though the heavy rain on Tuesday definitely affected recruitment.

Big names on campus such as the Alpha Gamma Sigma Honors Society and the V.O.I.C.E.S. club had an even bigger presence at club rush, with fully staffed tables and promotional materials.

The Food and Fitness Club, newcomers to the college, had brightly colored signs, snacks and enthusiastic members promoting the club. This club’s mission on campus, according to VP Joey Vargas, is to “raise awareness on food & fitness related issues that affect the student body and surrounding area.”

With a focus on education, the club plans to host hikes, food drives and nutrition seminars for the GCC community.

The Feminist Club, despite being in its second semester, also made its debut this week.

“We got started late last semester and didn’t get to participate,” member Luz Martinez said.

The club aims to be “a platform for activism and discussion,” according to club president Ani Gasparyan.

Other clubs, such as the Astronomy and Space Exploration Club, the Photography Club and the Film Collective aim to engage students and encourage more involvement in the many activities happening on campus.