Students Celebrate Armenian Culture


Miyu Kawamura, Staff Writer

Traditional music roared through Plaza Vaquero as Armenian and non-Armenian students  alike  danced, ate barbecue and celebrated Armenian culture.

The Armenian Students Association has hosted the event since 1976, when the organization was first founded.

The tradition was continued on Nov. 13 during lunch hour.

“I feel Armenian Culture day is fun for everybody, not just for Armenians,” said Liza Hakobyan who is the president of the ASA.

The purpose of the event is to raise cultural awareness in the community. Cultural displays, literary works and pictures of fomer club members in Armenia spread throughout the plaza. There was also an accessory booth that sold traditional jewelry made from dried pomegranates.

“The event is different every year,” said history professor Levon Marashlian, who has served as an adviser for the association since 1980. “Comparing it with the 1980s, it is also changing because of the Armenian music and the information that club members didn’t have before. That’s why I like this event and I hope everyone just enjoys it.”