The Wedge Serves Burritos Filled with Disappointment

Jennifer Rodman, Staff Writer

The latest addition to campus eateries, The Wedge, has replaced the old Milky Way Cafe, located just beneath the planetarium in the San Gabriel Plaza.

The menu features burritos, burrito bowls, banana wedges and nachos and baked potatoes. They also recently started serving breakfast burritos as well.

Although it has only been open for a short time, prices have already been raised by an average of $1 on certain most menu items. The owner of “The Wedge,” Eugene Chun, also owns “The Cafe,” a very well run and successful business, located outside the San Rafael building.

Chun previously stated that prices would be competitive – even lower than the neighboring restaurants, but the latest price hike has proven that to be untrue.

The seasoned potato wedges, which cost between $2.99 and $3.49, were a disappointment due to excessive seasoning. Although they come at an affordable pricing with a generous serving, the saltiness outweighed its convenient price.

The boba drinks are a bit watery, but my favorite of the five flavors available were the milk tea and taro boba – just ask for extra ice to give it the right taste. The fruity flavors, such mango, watermelon and strawberry, are a bit too sweet. This may be because they are not made with natural fruit but with powdered flavors.

Boba is made with small round tapioca balls, which are heated in water for a small amount of time to reach the right texture. However, the bobas at The Wedge are not as chewy as they should be. The cost per drink is $3.67 and only comes in medium size.

The burritos have a variety of choices – chicken, beef, and vegetarian. They charge $4.99 for ala carte and $6.99 for the combo, which includes chips and a drink. The burritos are unsavory and dry – not appetizing at all. Although the meat was tasty, the sauces used on the burrito were bland. There is a $1 extra charge for guacamole, which is too high for a campus restaurant.

They also serve beef bowls ($5.99), which are basically burritos in a bowl without the tortilla. They contain tender beef, which tastes great, and add sour cream, onion, brown beans and rice, making the bowl a flavorful meal.This is one of my favorite items on the menu.

Although the nachos ($5.49) come in a large serving with chicken or beef, lettuce, sour cream, cilantro and tomatoes, the minimal amount of meat is disappointing. The cheese, however, is flavorful.

My least favorite item on the  menu, however,  is  the banana wedge ($3.99). Although they are unique, the spices used just do not work for me.

On each of my visits, the service was very slow. Even though the lines were short, it still took close to eight minutes to receive my order.

Some of the items are now quite expensive. College students on a budget may not be able to afford spending $10 on a burrito and a boba drink.