Environmental Club Tours Rosemont Preserve


Araks Terteryan, Staff Writer

Members of the GCC Environmental Club and their children explored the Rosemont Preserve Saturday morning to learn about the plants surrounding their living area.

There are 7.75 acres of wilderness land at the top of Rosemont Avenue. A  local group of residents helps to steward the land and conduct programs for the local community.

Tim Martinez, board member of the Arroyos & Foothills Conservancy and a former member of the club served as tour guide.

Martinez introduced club members to different species of native plants that can be found almost everywhere in California. He talked about the medical uses and effects of each plant.

During the hike deer were running around the preserve entertaining hikers and giving them more of the wildlife experience.

The Environmental Club has a community garden which is located behind parking lot A. Students can sow the seeds of different plants in the garden for free , however, the club will begin charging $25 to do so starting next semester.

Jennifer Clark, a music student at GCC and a member of the Environmental Club, came for the hike with her 11-year-old daughter. She shared her experience of planting different seeds in the campus garden including basil, tomato and zucchini.

President of environmental club, Jenny Morataya, plans to organize more hikes like this one for members of the club to explore and help to better the wildlife in their community.

The community garden at GCC is growing and improving, however, the smoking ban on campus had a negative impact on garden.

“The only problem we have right now is that students smoke behind the parking structure and throw the ashes in the garden,”  she said.