Swap Meet Features Unexpected Finds


SWAP MEET VENDOR: Gary Hart sells calendars and collectible toys at the May 19 swap meet in the GCC parking lot C.

Marlon Miranda, El Vaquero Sports Editor

Rarities, oddities and every day bargains can be found once a month at the GCC Swap Meet. With 175 vendors there is a variety of items for sale, from football jerseys to a table made from an elephant foot movie prop. Glendale has been holding a swap meet since 1994.

The GCC parking lot turns into a mall every third Sunday. Vendors park their car and unload their items. They then prepare to sell items, but also to shop. Reserving a spot is $40 prior to the event and $50 on the day of the event.

Maria Garcia has been participating in the swap meet for four years. Ready to sell glassware and pottery, she arrived early in the morning. Seconds after setting up, she started walking around to see what other vendors were selling. She tries not to leave her post to look around, but finds it impossible.

“I started bringing my son so he could watch over my stuff. After I set up I usually start shopping,” said Garcia. “There is so much cool stuff I usually spend more money than I make.”

John Harris, who runs the swap meet for the college was pleased with this month’s swap meet. He said the weather and turnout was perfect.

“With 100 vendors and a beautiful sunny day it was easy to see why we had such a great turn out,” said Harris.

A booth had classic Beatles memorabilia including an autographed Beatles poster by all four members as well as cups and toys by the fab four. The item that caught everyone’s eye was a Ringo doll from the 60’s.

Another booth had classic stitch jerseys from Shaquille O’neal and Kobe Bryant as well as a high school jersey of Lebron James.

Amy McCrory has been selling antiques for more than 20 years and has been selling here for over a year. She had jewelry and various cups. She arrived at six in the morning and loves doing the swap once a month.

“You meet all types of interesting people, it’s not only about making money but the experience. Sharing stories and being surrounded by people who are just like you,” said McCrory.

The meet had a wide variety of toy collectibles. From everyday Spiderman figures and Star Wars figures to the more collectable Michael Jordan Space Jam doll. Figures were priced at a reasonable $5 to an inflated collectors price of $150. A Mickey Mouse doll from Fantasia was behind a glass case and the asking price was $150.

Shoppers were pleased with the variety and prices. Brian Shapiro has been shopping at GCC for over six years. He started by joining his mother and helping her load her purchases to the car. Soon he found himself shopping for items for himself.

“At first it was a burden, spending my sunday’s lifting sofas and beds. After a while I found myself looking for books and records,” said Shapiro. “It is so hard not to want to buy something, when I look at a booth there is always something I want.”

The swap meet is located in GCC upper parking lot in the main campus every third Sunday of the month.