Campus Soup-er-Man Provides Students a Reason to Dine

Monica Terada, Staff Writer

For many kids superman is a flying hero to be idolized. For GCC students, “soup-er-man” is the next best thing.

Jeffery Hechter, a native of Philadelphia, is the school’s maximum authority when it comes to anything soup related. He’s been making the soup for five years.

“Gumbo soup is my reason for coming to school on Thursday.” said Luiz Leão, a political science major at GCC.

Hechter smiles when he hears students like his soup.

“I like talking to people because you get feedback,” said Hechter, who puts a lot of work into the preparation of the soups.

“I usually make them in the morning,” Hechter said. “It’s easier to do it in the morning, I don’t like making them the day before. I just make sure that I have everything prepped up. It doesn’t really take that long. Certain things need to be cooked a little longer, like the potatoes. But I can do that in the morning.”

The soups have a fixed two-week rotation schedule, and they are served at the school’s newly renovated cafeteria.

“We used to do a seven-week rotation—now we just cut it down to two weeks,” Hechter said.

Some of the favorites include New England clam chowder, gumbo and chicken tortilla.

“Chicken tortilla is one of my favorites also, and we make a chicken noodle soup which is pretty popular. Anything with chicken is popular,” Hechter said.

For those who have not had the soup, there’s still time for a bowl of Thursday’s gumbo before the next rotation.